Van Halen - The Best Of Van Halen, Vol. I
Warner Bros.  (1996)
Hard Rock, General Rock

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CD    17 tracks  (72:22) 
   01   Eruption       Taken from the album"Van Halen"       01:42
   02   Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love       Taken from the album"Van Halen"       03:48
   03   Runnin' With The Devil       Taken from the album"Van Halen"       03:36
   04   Dance the Night Away       Taken from the album"Van Halen II"       03:05
   05   And the Cradle Will Rock...       Taken from the album"Women And Children First"       03:33
   06   Unchained       Taken from the album"Fair Warning"       03:29
   07   Jump       Taken from the album"1984"       04:01
   08   Panama       Taken from the album"1984"       03:31
   09   Why Can't This Be Love       Taken from the album"5150"       03:47
   10   Dreams       Taken from the album"5150"       04:51
   11   When It's Love       Taken from the album"OU812"       05:39
   12   Poundcake       Taken from the album"For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"       05:21
   13   Right Now       Taken from the album"For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"       05:21
   14   Can't Stop Loving You       Taken from the album"Balance"       04:08
   15   Humans Being             05:09
   16   Can't Get This Stuff No More             05:15
   17   Me Wise Magic             06:06
Katalognummer 9 46332-2
UPC (Barcode) 093624633228
Digital/Analog DDD
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
Release date: 11.10.1996

In theory, a Van Halen greatest-hits collection should be easy to assemble, but The Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1 proves that isn't the case. By trying to give the David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar eras equal space, they wind up not representing either particularly well. The first eight songs runs through several of Diamond Dave's biggest songs - "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," "Runnin' with the Devil," "And the Cradle Will Rock," "Jump" and "Panama." It's hard to argue with any of the choices, yet significant songs like "You Really Got Me," "Beautiful Girls," "(Oh) Pretty Woman," "I'll Wait" and "Hot for Teacher" are missing. Similarly, the Sammy era has many big hits - "Why Can't This Be Love," "Dreams," "When It's Love," and "Right Now" - but skips over hits like "Love Walks In," "Black and Blue," and "Finish What Ya Started." Clearly, the collection would have been better served if it had been assembled as a double-disc set, with Dave and Sammy getting a disc a piece. Furthermore, the much-hyped reunion tracks with Roth, "Can't Get This Stuff No More" and "Me Wise Magic," are a slight disappointment; the band sounds good, but neither track contains a memorable hook. Also, the presence of "Humans Being," one of Van Halen's worst tracks, is an insult, considering how many great songs are missing. Nevertheless, Best Of, Vol. 1 remains a good single-disc encapsulation of Van Halen's career, even if it isn't a definitive retrospective.