Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Island Music  (1985)
European Pop

In Sammlung

CD    15 tracks  (70:00) 
   01   The World Is My Oyster (Including Well/Snatch Of Fury)             01:57
   02   Welcome ToThe Pleasure Dome             13:39
   03   Relax             03:56
   04   War             06:13
   05   Two Tribes             09:07
   06   Including The Last Voice             01:14
   07   Born To Run             04:05
   08   Happy Hi             04:11
   09   Wish (The Lads Were Here)             02:48
   10   Including The Ballad Of 32             04:49
   11   Krisco Kisses             02:58
   12   Black Night White Light             04:08
   13   The Only Star In Heaven             04:16
   14   The Power Of Love             05:32
   15   Bang             01:07
Katalognummer CID101
UPC (Barcode) 075679023223
Digital/Analog DDD
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
1984 Island Records 7 90232-2

"I get buzzed off the fact that Andy Warhol's heard of us
because he gets buzzed off the fact that Picasso had
heard of him."

"The Zen master was asked the solemn question -
what is buddah? He took off his sandal, put it on his
head, and walked away."

"Vary pleasure is incessantly (never more than two hours
at the same task) and from all these successive pleasures
make one continual pleasure."

"Since pleasure is the Unique,
to reveal Pleasure is itself a unique duty"

Frankie Goes To Hollywood:
Brian Nash guitar
Paul Rutherford vocals and "I came to dance"
Mark O'Toole bass and vocals
Holly Johnson the voice
Peter Gill drums
ISLAND 7 90232-2

Full Digital Recording
Sampling rate; 44.1KHZ. pre-emphasis; off. maximum
peak; +18db. continuous SMPTE timecode rungs on Audio
Trade 2.

Liner notes reference 13 tracks, but album actually contains
15 distinct tracks. According to the notes, tracks #5 and #8
each contain two items. On the CD, they are separated by
tracks and not by indexes, yielding 15 actual tracks.

Liner also lists location of "clicks" on the master tape that
may be heard on a CD.