Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
Tommy Boy  (1999)
General Hip Hop, Hard Rock

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CD    18 tracks  (55:05) 
   01   The White Boy Is Back             00:45
   02   Money (Dollar Bill)       Featuring Sadat       03:14
   03   Ends             04:33
   04   What It's Like             05:03
   05   Get Down             03:59
   06   Sen Dog             00:15
   07   Tired             02:22
   08   Hot To Death             03:48
   09   Pain Killers             03:23
   10   Prince Paul             00:58
   11   Praise The Lord             03:05
   12   Today (Watch Me Shine)             05:02
   13   Guru             00:17
   14   Death Comes Calling             04:16
   15   Funky Beat             04:04
   16   The Letter             02:05
   17   Seven Years             04:05
   18   Next Man             03:51
Katalognummer TBCD1236
UPC (Barcode) 5029831123639
Digital/Analog DDD
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
Here's a little story that needs to be heard...and then some. Let me explain. This record was the hardest & scariest of my career for many reasons: First, I quit The House of Pain. Not an easy decision but a necessary one. Then, there was my label. They didn't know where I was headed and in a sense, neither did I. One afternoon at Dante's Crib, I picked up a guitar and played him a song called, "What It's Like." He talked me into recording it, and a few days later we cut it. I played it for the label, they said they dug it. We were in biz. Kind of...
To make a long story short, we spent the next 5 months recording in my living room or John & D's (SD50) similarly unglamorous locale. In the process dealing with money hassles, I.R.S. hassles, love hassles, label hassles, and just plain hassles.
After finishing the last vocals on "Tired," I went upstairs and started complaining of chest pains and shortly thereafter suffered a heart attack. I woke up several days later confused, scared, and happy to be alive!! Get it straight nothing but a preexisting heart condition caused this to happen. Thanx be to God & John Gamble I'm still here to talk about it. So now I live life a little cooler and calmer having closely touched the other side.
I'd explain in detail but I think it's there in the record.
All praise due to the Most High!!

Executive Producers: Carl Stubner, Everlast and Dante Ross
A&R Direction: Dante Ross and Max Nichols
Art Direction and Design: Jason Rand
Photography: Keith Carter
Styling: Andrea Lieberan
Business Affaits: Michelle Bayer, Brian Robinson, John Lavallo
Special Thanks to Albee!!
Management: Deluxe Entertainment - Carl Stubner/Corey Wagner
Agent: QBQ - Michael Arfin
Everlast plays Guild Guitars, Fender Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings
Thanx be to God for saving my life again, to my family, Divine Styler, Abdullah Bashir, Dante Ross, John Gamble, Pauline, Julie Z., Danny and Leor, Deluxe Entertainment (Carl, Corey, Scott, Spring, Michelle), The Musicians, Keefus, Paul Legaspi, Rusty Logsdon, Bron Tieman, Truly Odd, Norwood, Merlow, Giovanni, Sadat X, Casual, Guru, Prince Paul, Sen Dog,E. Swift and the Likwit Crew, Bronx Style Bob, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Defari, Bayan, Bilal Bashir, Dagan, Chip Love, Emz, Andrea Lieberman, Cartoon, Estevan Oriole, Alchemist (Alan), Andy Johns, Jamie Staub, The Tommy Boy Staff, Gary at Kove Car Audio, Doug at Commercial Soundworks, Ampeg and Ziljan for their support, and everyone who's been around for the last year and a half.
Thank you all, and anyone who may have slipped my mind forgive me!