Phil Collins - Both Sides
Atlantic Recording Corporation  (1993)
General Pop, Soft Rock

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CD    11 tracks  (67:12) 
   01   Both Sides Of The Story             06:43
   02   Can't Turn Back The Years             04:40
   03   Everyday             05:43
   04   I've Forgotten Everything             05:15
   05   We're Sons Of Our Fathers             06:24
   06   Can't Find My Way             05:08
   07   Survivors             06:05
   08   We Fly So Close             07:33
   09   There's A Place For Us             06:53
   10   We Wait And We Wonder             07:01
   11   Please Come Out Tonight             05:47
Persönliche Details
Digital/Analog DDD
Audio-Kanäle Stereo
Solo performer: Phil Collins (vocals, various instruments). Includes liner notes by Phil Collins. All songs written by Phil Collins. BOTH SIDES was recorded at Phil Collins' 12-track home studio. All instruments on this album were played by Phil Collins.

All four of Phil Collins' '80s albums were enormous commercial successes, with a plethora of hit singles and videos. However, by 1993, when his first post-Genesis solo album, BOTH SIDES, was released, there had been a few major shifts in popular music, and it was the first of Collins' solo records not to see much in the way of chart action.

This was not unexpected, but it's rather a shame, since the album continues the more mature, low-key sound first developed on 1993's BUT SERIOUSLY. Less somber than that album but still maintaining its quiet grace, BOTH SIDES is filled with solidly composed, well-played (Collins plays all the instruments, for the first time since 1981's FACE VALUE), and melodically rich songs. Collins' lyrics delve further into the social commentary arena than even those on BUT SERIOUSLY, and perhaps it's the relative lack of characteristic love songs that accounted for the album's lack of commercial success, but this is an album which deserved better than it got.


Musician (12/93, p.90) - "...BOTH SIDES eschews the glib pop cheer of Collins' most radio-friendly work in favor of a lean, low-key may not be his most obvious and accessible album, but it's definately among his most satisfying...."

Q Magazine (12/93, p.108) - 3 Stars - Good - "...Most of BOTH SIDES' melancholy yet seductive ruminations eyeball the uncertainties of relationships with an appealingly ruthless sympathy..."